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1- What is igaming?

iGaming is a term that refers to the practice of playing games of chance or betting on sporting events over the internet. Salsa Technology is an expert in igaming solutions, we provide operators with an intuitive and complete platform.

2- What is an operator?

An iGaming operator is a company or entity that manages and operates online gambling and betting platforms. Salsa, through its products, has a partnership with more than 50 operators.

3- What is a provider?

An iGaming game provider is a company that specializes in developing and delivering online gambling and betting to operators. Salsa Technology, through its products, partners with more than 80 providers.

4- What is an iGaming platform?

The iGaming platform is software that offers a series of features and functionalities that allow operators to manage their operations, from payment processing to game management and interaction with players. Salsa Gator and Salsa Omni are iGaming platforms from Salsa Technology. Get in touch and learn more.

5 - What makes a casino platform?

Casino platforms encompass a set of features and functionality that allow casino operators to manage and deliver online casino games. Salsa Gator and Salsa Omni are solutions that support these platforms. Get in touch and learn more.

6 - What is iGaming content aggregator?

A content aggregator, also known as a game aggregator, acts between game providers and iGaming operators, simplifying the onboarding process and offering a wide selection of games in one place. Salsa’s content aggregator is Salsa Gator. Get in touch and learn more.

7- How does a betting site work?

A betting site is an online platform that allows users to place bets on sporting events, casino games, horse racing and other types of betting. Salsa also develops solutions for betting sites, through Salsa Omni, Salsa Gator and Salsa Consulting, for example. Get in touch and learn more.

8- How to earn money with online casino?

Making money at an online casino involves a combination of luck, strategy and proper profit and loss management. However, online casinos include games of chance, with no guarantee of consistent winnings.

9 - How much do I need to invest to have a casino website?

The investment required to create and operate a casino website can vary significantly depending on a number of factors including the scale of the project, features, applicable licenses and regulations, custom development and other costs. Salsa Consulting can help you with this question. Get in touch and learn more.

10- Are casinos and gambling legal in Brazil?

Brazilian legislation governing casinos and gambling is complex and subject to change. Currently, only certain forms of gambling are allowed in Brazil, such as lotteries. However, only government entities and states are authorized to explore this type of activity in the country.

11 - What is the gambling law in Brazil?

In Brazil, Law nº 13.756/2018 authorizes the exploration of fixed odds betting games (AQF). However, so far, this law has not been regulated, that is, the rules have not yet been established for how bookmakers can explore the activity, how taxation, sanctions, marketing, players’ rights will be applied, among other various topics. . It is important to highlight that regulation is essential for Brazil and Salsa Tecnologia Ltda. directly supports law enforcement, so that serious bookmakers work in the country.

12- Are lotteries legal in Brazil?

Yes, lotteries are allowed and regulated in Brazil, according to LAW No. 12,869, OF OCTOBER 15, 2013.

13- I am an operator, how can I be sure of my casino winnings?

It is important to take steps to ensure the integrity and security of operations, as well as to provide a fair experience for players. Salsa Omni can help you with this process and our team can provide you with all the assistance you need. Get in touch and learn more.

14 - Which currencies can I work in Brazil for betting games?

In Brazil, the official currency is the Real (BRL), and it is the most commonly used currency in gambling-related transactions, including iGaming. However, in certain exceptions, transactions can also be made in US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR) or other popular currencies.

15 - I want to have a betting site in Brazil, where to start?

If you want to have a betting site in Brazil, there are a few steps you can take to get started: Research and planning, Licensing and regulation, Partnerships and software providers, Site development, Payment options, Marketing and player acquisition, Infrastructure, etc. Salsa Consulting can help with this process and our team can provide you with all the assistance you need. Get in touch and learn more

16 - What payment methods are available to my players?

Accepted payment methods may vary according to the online casino operator, among the most common forms are: Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, Electronic Wallets (e-wallets), Cryptocurrencies, Prepaid Vouchers, etc.

17 - I am a provider, can I contact the casino directly?

Once the integration is carried out through Salsa, the communication must proceed in the same way, except for situations where there is an express request or authorization from the casino side.Doubts? Get in touch.

18- I am a casino, can I have contact with the provider?

Once the integration is carried out through Salsa, the communication must proceed in the same way, except for exceptions that must be analyzed individually. Doubts? Get in touch.

19- What are the restricted countries or prohibited jurisdictions of Salsa games?

Restricted countries for Salsa Studio games are: Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, France, Netherlands, Saba, Singapore, Statia, St Maarten, USA. Regarding the games from partner providers, each one has a specific list, consult your account manager for more details. Get in touch and learn more.

20 - In which countries are Salsa games available?

Salsa Studio games are available for any jurisdiction except Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, France, Netherlands, Saba, Singapore, Statia, St Maarten, USA. However, it is necessary to check whether a specific license or certification is requested. As for games from partner providers, each one has its own list, consult your account manager for more details.

21 - Are the games available on all screens and cell phones?

Yes, Salsa’s development team takes care that all games linked to our products are responsive to all devices. And we even have solutions to develop a native app.

22 - What does Salsa Technology do?

Salsa Technology is an expert in igaming solutions. We deliver a complete platform to operators: reliable, diversified, optimized and integrable with support in Portuguese, Spanish and English. It develops games and offers full support to operators licensed by regulated markets. Get in touch and learn more.

23 - What are Salsa Tecnology's products and services?

Salsa Omni, Salsa Gator, Salsa Consulting, Salsa Safe, Salsa Agents and Salsa Studio.

24 - What are assets and game assets?

These are the graphic materials of the games. Consult our Igaming Glossary to learn more about this and other terms at the link: GLOSSARY

25 - I am an investment group, how can I invest in the igaming market?

If you are an investment group interested in investing in the iGaming market, here are some steps you can take: research and analysis, define your investment strategy, seek partnerships and advice, evaluate companies and investment projects, diversify your investment portfolio ,monitor the sector and track investments. Doubts? Get in touch.

26 - What do I need to be an online gaming operator?

Here are some of the key aspects to consider: Licensing and Regulation, iGaming Platform, Game Selection, Payment Processing, Security and Compliance, Marketing and Player Acquisition, Customer Support, etc. See how Salsa can help you become an online gaming operator, get in touch and find out more.

27 - What is a regulated market?

A regulated market is a sector or industry in which activities are supervised and controlled by regulatory agencies or government entities. Salsa is compliant and prepared to serve all regulated markets, specifically the Latin American market.

28 - What name do I give to my betting site?

This is a unique question that will depend on each individual’s preference, but Salsa Consulting can help you with that!

29 - How do I make a betting site?

Just follow these 5 steps:

1- Choose an iGaming software provider

2- Define what you want to include on your betting site

3-Choose a payment system provider

4- Work on your website design

5- Implement a marketing strategy, including loyalty and retention programs and that’s it!

Salsa Technology can help you with all these processes. Get in touch and learn more.

30 - Where does Salsa come from?

Salsa is a company with Brazilian DNA and teams in Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, Portugal, Spain and Malta. The company is positioned to take advantage of the continued growth of the igaming market, including being prepared for regulation in Brazil.

31 - What does gaming regulation mean?

The regulation exists to organize actions related to iGaming. Through it, it is possible to determine how much online betting companies must pay, which rules work and how supervision will take place.

32 - What is MP in games?

An MP must specify a deadline for regulation and it is valid for 60 days, extendable for another 60. In up to 120 days, the topic must be discussed by Congress, to generate a law.

33 - How to start in the igaming industry?

There are several paths. One of them is to be an online player or become an iGaming operator, that is, the owner of an online gaming and betting site. If you choose the second option, through strategic digital planning, Salsa Consulting works as a true growth accelerator for iGaming operators. Doubts? Get in touch.