Services and Consultancy

Know How

Latin America is our home and we have a complete understanding on Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets throughout the region. We have in-depth knowledge of each market, cultural nuances, people and the language.

Marketing Strategy

A specialised marketing strategy plays an integral role in the overall business growth plan. Our marketing experts and consultants offer the best marketing and planning services to suit our clients gaming business.


Thanks to the extensive experience of our teams gained from within the operational world we have unrivalled expertise on ensuring marketing strategies are successfully implemented.

Product Management


As a company that began its first foray into the world of iGaming through Online Bingo, we are proud to say that we have the most capable and best-prepared team to manage a Bingo operation. We have spent almost a decade entertaining Online Bingo players through our Room Hosts, providing them with attention and entertainment 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


Our commitment to casino leads us to demand the very best from ourselves, providing each operator with the exact product requirements, as well as the analysis and management of these products and markets to reach the highest possible returns.

Sports betting

Salsa Technology has a specialized marketing service exclusively built for sports betting.
The key sports betting marketing services include:

  • Sports Trading
  • Contact with suppliers
  • Campaigns
  • Analysis and investigation of data
  • Strong relationships
  • Development of strategies
  • Monitoring process


ServicePayment Processing

Salsa Technology has all the local knowledge and expertise on what payment processes work best for each individual LatAm market.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud is a practice that can infiltrate any business, especially online gaming, often without the company being aware that there has even been an issue. Salsa Technology offers a first-class fraud prevention service.

Social Media / Media Buy

We communicate brand development and build an interactive community with users and potential customers.

Content Creation

Our content department is responsible for best language practice, working seamlessly in Spanish, English and Portuguese to ensure a friendly and clear message.

Localized Translations

Our content team is specialized in handling and communicating content for every localized market. Taking care to ensure the message is clear and relatable – whichever country you are based in.


Salsa Technology’s design team brings together branding, web design, promotional design and animation to develop a unique brand identity for each client, according to their personality, audience and objectives.

Call Centre Support

Customer Service

We have a professional team with proven experience and attention to detail across three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Quality & Assurance

Our quality checking functionality is responsible for evaluating the standard of transactions generated with customers. It evaluates the professionalism, accuracy of the information provided to the end user, the processes and identifies the causes of mistakes to streamline the operations process.

Localised sales approach

Personalization, omnichannel, speed, precision and feedback are the keys to the success of any marketing and sales campaign.


Having expert personnel, with thorough training in every element relating to – product, customer service, sales, marketing, plus strong communication skills, is the perfect combination to deliver the highest quality of service.

Corporate Services

Local structure set-up & Implementation

Salsa Technology has partnerships in place with Co-Works around the LatAm region which makes it simple to coordinate, plan and install a local operation.

Recruitment and Human Resource Management

Employment Management is essential for a successful iGaming operation, we help design and implement the best talent search strategies and training.

Licensing Advisory

We provide advice, information and best practices for structuring and applying for an iGaming licence.