About Us

Our focus is providing clients with industry-leading technology used to create an outstanding Game Aggregator Platform and iGaming content essential for a successful business operation.


We passionately believe in collaboration. Working towards common goals with clients and brands means success is a shared achievement. Find out more about some of our fantastic brand partners.

Our Story

Salsa Technology is an omni-channel iGaming platform servicing both new and established online and land-based operators. Its leading game aggregating platform (GAP) is available in LatAm and increasingly around regulated markets.

Salsa Technology rebranded from Patagonia Entertainment in January 2020.

This new identity incorporates the company’s dedication to globalization, localization and innovation. Latin American culture flows through the business today despite its global presence and the Salsa Technology brand stays true to the company’s unrivalled localised market knowledge.

Patagonia Entertainment started life as a video-bingo games development project for online casinos. Following years’ of successful casino games, supported by our main mascot Pachinko, the company has flourished into a thriving business.

We have dedicated ourselves to the craft of developing our own modern, mobile-ready games since 2014. Furthermore, our success has seen us welcome a plethora of new clients to drive additional growth and increase exposure throughout the regulated Latin American region. Today, we are the market-leading and most recognised video-bingo providers in Latin America.

In 2016, we began integrating other top-performing gaming providers onto our platform to diversify our offering. Following several high-profile integrations, players can now access a wide selection of content, including slot machine and board games to create a complete online casino platform.

Patagonia Entertainment then acquired AutoGameSYS in 2018 to become a truly omni-channel solution, which not only offered content for online casinos, but gave clients the power to develop their own gaming platforms.

Each deal has been supported by a dedicated workforce to help Patagonia Entertainment reach the pinnacle. The team strives to always improve gaming experiences and the quality of each service. Without the support of our staff, clients and partners – none of this would have been achievable.

What we offer

Salsa Technology’s Gaming Platform offers a wide variety of features and specifications to help grow your business in the online world.

In addition to the complete platform, which has been designed to meet all our clients’ demands, we offer a full catalogue of games content for all areas of your casino: sports betting, live bets, bingo, casino and board games, amongst others.

We are able to integrate your land-based casino into an online version using our expert omni-channel platform system. We can then create new features you may want introduced and integrate whatever is necessary for your operation. Everything we do is at the discretion of our clients.

If you’re thinking about taking your business to the next level, our business model is based on a revenue-share mechanic and on the long-term success of our clients. This means that your performance is our success. Our mission is to maintain our position as the leading provider in the gaming industry and share success with our clients as partners – not as income generators.


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